Sabrina Claudio releases first project as an independent with ‘Archives and Lullabies.’ Released on Feb. 10, this album is complete with 11 songs featuring acoustic versions really illuminates her music as its own category of soft soul. 

Claudio is a soft spoken artist with delicate vocals. She is an athlete. Performing vocal acrobatics, she slides into a verse so smoothly. She flips into harmonies with herself as the sting instruments caress you into a trance.

To grow something new, the old must die. In “Leave While I Love You”, Claudio sings that the relationship must end while love is still present. Though an unpopular opinion, I agree. You do not need to stay until all the love is gone to be grateful for the experience and make your exit. The experience of them will forever stay but that does not mean you have to, especially if the relationship does not serve you both. She sings, “I hope we can keep/Some good reputation/I don’t want to /reachAny type of resentment.” She elaborates, “I think that you and I both feel/The understanding that we have is real/If the intention is for us to heal/Then I think that you should leave/While I am still lovin’ you baby”

Music is always open to interpretation, specific to the season of life you are in. To me, this album is spring. It is new love budding from the harsh heartbreak of winter.

In new relationships, there is always fear present. Fear of opening up to someone and then being let down. Fear of starting something just to end it. The ultimate fear that you are unlovable and there will never be a relationship that will last. “Nurture” speaks to this fear. It is a call to action. Live and love here in this moment with me. Accept your fear and face it. Allow me to learn you as you learn me. Claudio sings, “Let me nurture you/Tell me what I need to do.” She adds, “I’ll be your safe haven if you want it that way/I would spend the rest of my days/Loving on you infinitely.”

My other favorites from the album include “Homegirl”, “Right Decision”, and “IOU (Accoustic Version”. I love every bit of this album from the melodies to the message and I encourage others to listen to it with an open heart and intentionality. Whether you are healing from heartbreak, entering into something new, or in a committed relationship; the lessons in this album may speak to a past or future version of you.

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