Kali Uchis’, “I Wish You Roses” is a tale of letting love go. Released on January 19, may this anthem ring true in your new year. “But if you and my heart should someday drift apart/I’ll make surе to give you these blеssings because they’re all I’ve got”. In this song there is no bitterness, no regret, or remorse, simply a release. Uchis hails from Alexandria, Virginia with a mixed American and Columbian nationality and a wide range of genres that she embodies. They include hip-hop, reggae, r&b, soul, and alternative; because she does each well, it would be a disservice to her artistry to limit herself to just one.

Sliding in on an alternative groove, Uchis sings, “Ooh, never thought I would be without you/ I wish you love, I wish you well, I wish you roses.” Followed by a mellow hi-hat and a steady baseline the song flows from verse to chorus and back again. In this, song she urges you to release with love, “Just know, any love I gave you’s forever yours to keep”.