In true Hozier fashion, he parades into the song preeceeded by a steady kickdrum/hi hat combination followed by layered voices that introduce the hook of the song.

Following the announcement of his world tour, Hozier released his single, “Eat Your Young”.

The song includes elements of his gospel style influence and poetic style of lyrics. From my personal interepretation, I concluded that this song is about the mistreatment of those inferior to you in authority and power. Through depiction of oppression, Hozier relays the heaviness of tension through aggressive attitudes in modern society.

Hozier sings about the importance of capturing chances geared towards individuality. In constrast, Hozier explores the dark side ambition through settling for success.

The song sings, “Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns/ It’s quicker and easier to eat your young” 

He elaborates, “Old and young are welcome to the meal/Honey I’m sure the table’s made/We can celebrate the good we’ve done”

If you’re looking to listen to this and more from Hozier, his world tour starts on September 9, in Missouri. The closest he will be to Tuscaloosa will be at his stop in Nashville on October 5.

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