All public service announcements (PSAs) aired on WVUA-FM must meet federal and local rules. PSAs that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted. WVUA-FM reserves the right to decline any PSA request.

PSA submissions must be made AT LEAST 3 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. Requests not made in a timely fashion may not be fulfilled. Requests may be submitted by mail or email to Please allow at least 3 business days for a response. The length of each PSA must not exceed 30 seconds.

WVUA-FM does not air PSAs for silent auctions, yard sales, religiously sponsored activities, political activities, membership-only events, car washes or lost animals.

Only bona fide non-profits based in the WVUA-FM service area are allowed to air PSAs on WVUA-FM. Additionally, even if a non-profit is eligible for PSA service from WVUA-FM, it cannot be a solicitation for funds, a solicitation for volunteers to solicit funds or for promoting a “members only” event. WVUA-FM does not mention event sponsors within the body of any PSA. At no time will a PSA be accepted from any for-profit organization.

You cannot mention prices or refer to discounts or sales of any kind. You may tell listeners where tickets are available for an event. Words such as “free,” “sale,” “discount” and other references to prices and values are absolutely not allowed. If an event is free you may say it’s open to the public.

You cannot qualify a product, service or event as something that may be more or better in some way than another event, service or product. The FCC disallows noncommercial stations from comparative language in describing products, services or events. Commercial broadcasters can say that something is the best, or number one, or one of kind, but we cannot. When describing something in value neutral terms the PSA will be describing the actual event, product or service exactly as it is without embellishing language.

At no time will WVUA-FM promote an organization’s fundraiser unless it can be promoted strictly as an event. A concert to raise money for a service organization can be promoted as a concert with a brief statement in the body of the announcement that states who will benefit. An example is

” …Proceeds benefit Such and Such organization.”

This is the only statement allowable in a PSA to acknowledge a beneficiary. Words such as “fundraiser” are not allowable. There are some fundraising activities that we simply cannot promote, no matter how worthy the cause because the language cannot be modified. Examples include silent auctions and yard sales.

WVUA-FM does not permit mentions of an organizations event sponsors in PSAs.