Photos Courtesy of CW

On Thursday morning–the day before Holocaust Rememberance Day–several chalk messages were discovered on sidewalks around the campus of the University of Alabama. These messages all included the hashtag “YEisRight” refering to the music artist and fashion designer, Kanye West, who has made strong antisemitic remarks in the past few months. See The Crimson White’s article here for more context.

In response to this situation, WVUA-FM reached out to several voices in the Jewish community and highlighted them on today’s Friday Morning Show.

Carter Miller

“The Jews at Alabama are not swayed, and they’re not scared, not intimidated. We are stronger than ever.”

Miller serves as the Executive Director for UA Chabad. He is a Sophomore at the University of Alabama, majoring in Creative Media.

Lisa Besnoy

“Pouring your water bottle on a chalking–not just anything that’s anti-Jewish, but anything that’s hurful to anyone–is a message that we need to continue to share.”

Besnoy is the Executive Director at Bloom Hillel, a Jewish Student Center on campus.

Prof. Daniel Levine

“Much of the politics that we see around very deep red states is a politics around resentment about which you supposedly can’t say.”

Professor Levine is the Aaron Aronov Chair of Judaic Studies for the University of Alabama’s Dept. of Religious Studies.

Interviews conducted by: Ryan Cagle, Noah Haynes, Ian Schwartz, and Summer Scroggins