Picture it: you’re driving up through the mountains for no reason other than to get out of the house, You’re with your friends, blasting music as you roll your window down to stick your hand out and feel the breeze. The soundtrack blasting in the background, you might ask? Most definitely The Big Moon’s new album, “Walking Like We Do.”

Or this could be the soundtrack blaring uncomfortably loud in Hollister. Take your pick of settings.

Walking Like We Do is the second full length album in The Big Moon’s discography, mostly sprinkled with a few EP’s an a ton of singles. Their freshman album, Love in the Fourth Dimension, garnered a fair amount of attention with indie hits such as “Happy New Year” and “Bonfire” (both of which I’ve had in my saved songs for a while before realizing who they were.) The group’s energy is easily influenced by other all-girl bands such as the Pixies.

I’m going to be completely honest. If you’re looking for new music, something completely original that will leave you in absolute mystic and wonder, Walking Like We Do probably isnt what you’re looking for. It’s a very standard indie rock album with obvious pop production. Their sound is comparable to that of GroupLove (and every indie band that was inspired by GroupLove). You could very easily compare this to any other “indie” campus band that sits in the quad with guitars, wearing doc martens with floral tee shirts. 

With that being said:

I do genuinely think this is a good album. The Big Moon’s lead singer Juliette Jackson (who writes most of the band’s material) described wanting to write an album with, “music that felt really soothing and cleansing, like a tonic.” I think they did a fantastic job of doing just that. There’s something about the entire indie rock genre that to me really speaks to the young adult age demographic, especially when current media seems to be almost overwhelming at all times. Serious topics such as anxiety, coming of age, and the political climate are somewhat masked by upbeat rhythms and an overall buoyant sound. This album has some great lyrics (I can already see, ”There’s nothing in the city, boy, if you’ve only got what you need” being a caption on Tumblr.) that are borderline poetic. This is a great album to listen to while studying or between moods; it’s positive sounding and a refreshing break during a busy day. 

Key songs off Walking Like We Do have to be “Your Light”, as well as “Don’t Think,” and Holy Roller.” 

Even though this isn’t the album of the century, it’s definitely worth a solid listen!