Summer is so close and the anticipation is killing me! Of course that is a time to be going to the beach, music festivals, or a summer job. Hopefully having this summer job I will actually have the money to go and watch some of these summer movie releases. Until then, I and my fellow broke college kids can continue to enjoy a few good movie trailers for movies we will most likely never see… until they come on Netflix.

Starting the list The Meg. This movie most definitely feel like a summer movie. Looking to be about giant carnivorous sea animals eating people on the beach one cannot help but to think about Jaws… or Shark Week which is referenced in the trailer. Since this is an action movie I think that choosing Jason Statham, a pro in action movies (Fast and Furious being the most noteworthy) as the lead was a great idea. Though this is a thriller, if you continue to watch the rest of the trailer it starts to seem kind of silly. I think a good way of describing this film is Jaws meets Jurassic World, meets well… Shark Week. Take a look at The Meg, set to come out August 10.

Mary Shelley is next. My two favorite genres of movies are period films and Fantasy. Usually never ever combined! After watching the trailer for Mary Shelley my mind might change. Based on the true story of the young and amazingly talented writer Mary Shelley, Elle Fanning looks like she will play the emotion and power of the iconic writer in a masterful way. This film looks into Shelley’s personal love story, as well as what looks to be struggle some journey to be credited for her most famous work, Frankenstein. I definitely have high hopes of being taken on a creatively made emotional rollercoaster seeing Mary Shelley. In theaters May 25.

Saving the best for last, Incredibles 2 trailer. My fellow college kids have waited more than ten years for the specific movie to come out. In my opinion the original Incredibles is one of the best Pixar movies ever made. Disney did an animated superhero movie perfectly! Watching this trailer you can see right off the back how it is the exact opposite of the first. It is not Mr. Incredible getting his groove back having his wife stay at home and take care of the baby. No. This time we have not Mrs. Incredible, but Elastigirl literally saving the world while her husband stays at home taking care of the kids. I see what you’re doing Disney and I like it!. The overall look of the movie has definitely upped! The images are shiny and crisp. There is a new villain that seems a lot more scary than goofball, Syndrome, and how could we forget the family’s discovery of Jack Jack’s powers! With all the new storylines being added, one was kept the same; Frozone and his ever so overly dramatic wife. Checkout the trailer and be ready college kids, to actually have some money to see this in theaters starting June 15.