“Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone” was what Taylor Swift had us screaming when she first released her second album Fearless, back in 2008. Recently, Swift surprised all of her fans on Instagram when she said that she would be dropping a new single from her re-recording of Fearless. This new song is called “You All Over Me (Taylor’s Version)”  featuring country superstar Marren Morris. Swift wrote this back when she was writing songs for her second album, but decided to keep it in the vault.

Many fans and I already lost our minds when Swift dropped her version of “Love Story” and told us the good news that her version of Fearless was coming very soon. With the surprise addition of “You All Over Me”, fans were reintroduced to the teenaged Swift that they once listened to and sang along to.  The memories of singing our hearts out to the other songs on Fearless are deeply rooted in this beautiful song. Hearing the longing of teenaged Swift in her adult self brings out the fondest memories of what it’s  like to listen to her music long ago. 

“You All Over Me  (Taylor’s Version)”  is filled with a long-lost country twang that Swift has since departed from. With the backing vocals from Morris, the song blesses one’s ears with the harmonies coming out from each singer. The vibrations of the heavy guitar sounds act like a warm blanket that covers us when we’re cold. Swift and Morris’ voices recall a nostalgic, personal memory that any Swiftie will vividly remember any time they hear the song. The lyrics “I lived, and I learned. Had you, got burned” and “But no amount of freedom gets you clean. I’ve still got you all over me” create the story of a girl who still has the stains of her ex ingrained on her heart. Fans have made theories that this song could be about Swift’s ex Joe Jonas, due to lyrics that allude to details from their relationship that have been featured on her other songs. 

Personally, I loved this song and recommend it to anyone who likes Taylor Swift or is looking for some new music. This song exudes heartbreak and tears just like any of Swift’s breakup songs do. Don’t forget to listen to the re-recording of Fearless on April 9th, you’ll hear this song, five more from the vault, and the ones that are featured on the original version of the album. 

Picture Credits from: https://www.the-sun.com

Morinsola Kukoyi