Hailing from Texas, Maren Morris released her newest album Humble Quest on March 25, 2022. Characterized by stories of love, loss, and labor Morris delicately shares the intimate moments of her recent life, through songs that she hopes her audience can relate to.  


In March of 2018, Maren Morris and fellow country artist, Ryan Hurd wed. Morris explained in an interview that she deeply values the opinions of her husband and often leans on him for advice about music but also how to maintain mental balance in an industry that very commonly controls the life of the artist.  

Standing at just 5’1” Morris sings such large and impactful lyrics from such a short stature in contrast to Hurd’s towering 6’3”. An ode to their relationship she sings, “When I can’t see over, he puts me on his shoulders…I’m a lover of all types/But there’s something ‘bout tall guys.” In her song, “Tall Guys” she highlights how their large difference in height is something she has embraced and further attracts them to one another.  


Busbee, a producer who frequently worked with Morris passed away in 2019 and she used this loss to openly grieve in her songwriting about the loss of a friend. She sings, “What Would This World Do?” as she questions how life could continue without him in it. In her lyrics, she speaks to him personally as she promises to keep his memory alive by hanging his pictures and drinking the wine she was gifted on her wedding day. A final goodbye message to her friend and producer, Morris boldly faces grief and sings what she knows to be true, “Oh, out of everybody, I’ll only have one you/So, what would my world do without you?” 


The album’s only featured artist is the son of Morris and Hurd. The song, “Hummingbird” was written when Morris was pregnant and at the time the album was finishing their son, Hayes, was beginning to talk. The song opens with him saying “mama” as the guitar quietly ushers in the melodic voice of Maren as she sings a gentle ballad about a mother’s love. Out of the very body that grew and nurtured their son she sung these lyrics, “You come and go like a whisper/Leaving me the most beautiful dream…Hummingbird, Hummingbird/Now your heart beats in me.” 

Her ability to flow from a pop beat to a soulful ballad gives a glimpse into the undefinable genre of modern country. Each artist chooses to sing what feels like country to them, which does not have to mean country to the next. Maren Morris eloquently executed her way of being country, and she defines it well. Humble Quest is an album that provides a breath of fresh air into the genre of country. Morris has shared her stories of love, loss, and labor and I am glad she was strong enough to share. I recommend this album for not just country music enthusiasts but for all music lovers! 

Photo Credits from: https://www.thecountrydaily.com/2022/03/28/maren-morris-is-happy-to-have-humble-quest-out-so-she-can-talk-about-the-music/