Wallows is an alternative rock group that gained popularity in 2017 with the independent release of their first song “Pleaser.” Ever since then they have continued to rise with their debut album Nothing Happens in 2019. After their change up with more of a bedroom pop feeling in their EP “Remote,” fans have been waiting in anticipation to see what they would do next. Now on March 25, 2022, they released their sophomore album Tell Me That It’s Over, combining alternative rock with keyboard utilization that keeps the spirit of their bedroom pop experimentation.

The album starts out with the song “Hard to Believe.” It is one of the best songs on the track list, creating buildup for the beginning of this new phase with a thirty second outro leading into the next song.

Next in the album are the three songs that were previously released as singles. “I Don’t Want to Talk” was the first single released in September 2021 and includes the title of the album Tell Me That It’s Over within the lyrics. It is a good blend of instruments new and old, with the harmonica coming in to switch up Wallows’ usual sound. However, it ends up not holding the position of the strongest on the album despite being what many would call the defining song.

“Especially You” is the second single and gives the classic Wallows feeling a bit more with its indie-pop tune. The first half of the song starts off weak but picks up the groove with a strong second half leading into one of the best off the album and the last single, “At the End of the Day.” This is the first slower song and changes the vibes of the album into the 80s with its keyboard usage blending Wallows newer electronic and bedroom pop.

The energy then switches again with “Marvelous”, picking the tempo back up into a song that feels perfect to jump to at a future Wallows concert. The next song “Permanent Price” is another best of the album as it culminates to cement the relationship themes of the tracks with the background vocals of lead singer Dylan Minette’s girlfriend Lydia Night. With the lyrics “I feel so content I could die”, it is no surprise that this is a slower song with a beautiful rising violin raising the listeners anticipation until the final note ending with a ding of a triangle.

“Missing Out” and “Hurt Me” are both average songs with heavy electric guitar, 80s vibes, bass rifts, and keyboard jams. The album ends strong though in its last two songs, with an orchestra underlining drumbeats and a great mid song build up in “That’s What I Get.” Then the best song off the album “Guitar Romantic Search Adventure” with the indie feelings and lyrics that round out the classic Wallows sound that has given them their success.