Miss Mary J released her newest album Good Morning Gorgeous on February 11, 2022. The title came from her recent journey of redemption as she went through a divorce. She began to recite this affirmation in the mirror each morning to start her day with positivity and self-love.

Mary J Blige emerged in 1992 when she released her first solo album, What’s the 411? Since then she has mixed sounds of soul, urban r&b, and hip-hop to create songs unique to her voice. Whether it be a hip-hop beat or an emotional ballad, Blige is sure to make her story known. Her story-telling ability invites her audience to make a personal connection and emerge themselves into her music.

She recently performed in the Super Bowl 56 halftime show in collaboration with 50 Cent, Dr.Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. The show was met with mixed reviews, though in my personal opinion…it was amazing. Some of the greatest names in hip-hop/r&b history gathered on one stage to remind us all what it is that we love them for and how they have not missed a beat despite their music careers spanning over multiple decades and through many different styles.

In addition to her Super Bowl performance, her album Good Morning Gorgeous has allowed for the 90s r&b star to once again become a household name. The album has a star-studded feature list from Anderson .Paak to DJ Khaled and even Usher. Blige shows her versatility through the range of songs that she released from this album. From her trademark songs of heartbreak anthems to her experimenting with newer styles of r&b and even allowing harsh beats to flood her song to create hip hop like songs. Usually these songs are unlike her but stand to prove the point that she will remain relevant and can adapt to any style of music and make it her own.

Although, I think the whole album is worth a listen, allow me to share my favorites! “Here With Me” featuring Anderson .Paak is a smooth song that welcomes you to just vibe along as you listen to the tale of lovers wishing to be near each other. Blige and Paak compliment each other well to create the ultimate soothing r&b song. Next, I really enjoyed “Rent Money” featuring Dave East. In typical Blige fashion she sings about her what her relationship lacks and in this case, she does not feel that he adds to her worth and instead drains her of her emotions and her money. Lastly, I must recommend “Good Morning Gorgeous”. For no other reason than the self-affirming lyrics that say “I need my peace/I wake up every morning and tell myself/ Good morning Gorgeous).

I praise Mary J Blige for her power and vulnerability to release songs that really show the depth of her pain and the process of her healing. Thank you Mary, you have done it again!

Photo credits from:https://wowaswann.eu/2022/02/10/mary-j-blige-veroeffentlicht-morgen-good-morning-gorgeous/