Their last release in 2017, a new album from Oh Wonder has been a long time coming. The duo continues their soft, feel good, pop sound in a dynamic way on No One Else Can Wear Your Crown.

“Happy”, the second track is a song about your ex. Somewhat fitting timing around Valentine’s Day. Lyrically the song explains being happy for your ex and their new relationship. Something hard to do. So, if you are experiencing a breakup and need a break from sad songs and need something encouraging give “Happy” a listen, hopefully its upbeat tempo and lyrics bring some comfort. An acoustic version of the song is also available later on in the album.

The fourth track off the album, “Hallelujah”. A more personal piece, lyrics talking about the idea of not being good enough but pushing through, despite setbacks and what others say. It is unapologetic and proud.

“Some days I don’t think my momma thinks I’m good enough to be a superstar

But one day I will show her I’m a diamond in the rough, I’ll be a superstar

‘Cause there’s a crown

Covered in glitter and gold

I’m gonna wear it, whether you like it or not”

In an interview with Billboard the duo speaks on “Hallelujah” and its meaning, “It’s a kind of passionate anthem of self-defiance that we wrote for ourselves to acknowledge our perseverance and determination to make it as musicians. It’s all we both ever wanted, and over the last 15 years we have had many people tell us that our dreams were invalid or too impossible. Hopefully it inspires people to ignore the haters and find the strength to pursue their own dreams.” Sonically the track makes a statement, the chorus upbeat and catchy preparing the listener for the rest of No One Else Can Wear Your Crown.

Later in the album the duo composed love songs, again appropriate for the season. The track “Nothing But You” is a poetic piece that expresses longing and missing someone. Some of the lyrics include, 

“Wish I was a pilot on your spaceship

Wish it was the two of us in endless flight

Wish we had a planet we can name it

Guess I’m thinkin’ ’bout you all the time

Got nothing on my mind but you”

Nothing But You is definitely a relatable song for when all you can think about is that certain person, consuming all your thoughts. Musically the track is soothing and has a relaxing vibe complementing the other tracks well.

I would rate No One Else Can Wear Your Crown an 7.6/10. Definitely give this album a chance. It is available where all music is available.