A band, founded somewhat close to home in Athens, Georgia-of Montreal. Despite being founded in the Bible belt, the band is extremely progressive. For me, their latest album release, UR FUN, evoked a series of mixed emotions. I felt like each track was either a hit or a miss-either quite good or definitely a song I would not listen to again; however, there were more good tracks than bad. With that said, and in the spirit of positivity, let’s talk about the songs that I enjoyed the most.

The third track out of 10 on their new album UR FUN stood out to me immediately. Titled, “Get God’s Attention By Being an Atheist.” The title already evokes some curiosity, it shows their, for lack of a better word, edginess. Their disregard for their roots in the Bible belt is almost an empowering idea and truly shows through in their music. The theme of “Get God’s Attention By Being an Atheist” is the idea of being young, wanting freedom and without religion. Doing life bigger, louder, not caring, and wanting to experience life to its fullest. However the title itself is contradictory because it still implies a belief in God, the bridge carrying that idea as well. It says, 

“I’m only trying to get God’s attention by being an atheist

If we could transcend linear time

Think of what it would do to our inhibitions”

Perhaps the idea of the song is not to be an atheist but to not let religion restrict you in your life and doing things loudly, with passion and freedom. There are many interpretations that could be applied to the tracks lyrics, and please, interpret as you will. Either way, you have to admit the song is catchy.

Track seven is, “Don’t Let Me Die In America;” big fan of this song. The song’s title is politically radical, but the lyrics even more so, it establishes a small shock factor for us fans living in the U.S. They blatantly say how they, “don’t even wanna haunt this place.” Their political views are expressed further in the bridge, 

“Bad faith of evil men

Manufactures consensus reality

Do I need to be committed

‘Cause I don’t pray to white Jesus?

Have I lost my country because

I have no love for piggy-piggy fascists?”

of Montreal is bold and not afraid to say what they believe through their art, and whether or not you agree with them, or enjoy their music, their artistic boldness is something to be respected.

All in all, of Montreal is special. Their sound, despite being indie/alternative, is still quirky. Of course much of their quirk can be attributed to their radical lyrics discussing religion, politics, and racism. After listening to the entirety of UR FUN I am convinced drugs were used in the production of the album, but many good bands and artists partake in such activities. Drugs gave us music from the Beatles and Mötley Crüe- changing the musical world. Please by no means am I endorsing drug use, but those activities must be recognized to understand how an artist produced their music. 

I would recommend giving UR FUN a listen; I would give the album a 7/10. It is definitely something to spice up your normal rotation of music. Their music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.