Behind any radio station are the different shows and songs that bring it to life. At the University of Alabama’s 90.7 WVUA-FM The Capstone, one of the facets is the show, “Jazz Revival,” hosted by Christion Finch. 

“I have never seen someone under the age of 50 love jazz as much as he does,” said AJ Spurr, station manager of 90.7 WVUA-FM. 

Finch is a junior show host that has been with the station since he was a freshman in 2018. He started as a playlist DJ, and after winning the Freshman Playlist DJ Award, he knew he wanted to have something of his own. 

A big factor in choosing his show topic Jazz was the work he does for The Crimson White, specifically what he listens to while working on his opinion column. He listens to Jazz while writing and researching. So, he asked himself, “What about jazz?”

Music studies show the real benefits of listening to jazz while studying or just reading. 

After reviewing the studies, he wanted to choose a time where he figured people would be working. From his personal anecdotal observations as an RA at Lakeside East, Finch noticed that the quieter times in the dorm were Monday nights. 

“I’m here to help the students who start an assignment due Tuesday when they walk into class on Monday at 5 p.m.,” said Finch.

From that, he chose to air the show Mondays from 8-10 p.m. Since it is on a Monday, planning the show for him is everything. He preaches “backup plans on backup plans on backup plans.” 

In a normal week, he sits down to do his homework, or read, with jazz on in the background. If a song stands out then he writes it down and looks into the artist and album it came from. He then chooses songs that he thinks relate, takes them to the station and “runs with it.”

“I listen to his show every Monday. I love his show because I don’t regularly listen to jazz, but I love hearing the songs he chooses,” said Lindsy Saranko, program director at 90.7 WVUA-FM. “It’s great music to have in the background while studying or doing homework. He always has very curated jazz playlists and it’s a very enjoyable listening experience.”

Finch’s love affair with jazz bloomed from the influence of his father, from there the attraction grew. Learning to play piano he latched on to the sounds, the versatility of the genre and the concept of improvisation that jazz offered. 

The show built around those appeals. He explained that this show has allowed him to dig deeper into something he loves on a platform that he never thought he could use. The experience is nothing that he imagined himself ever doing.

“People need music,” said Finch. “Music is an intake as much as it’s an outlet. Music is what we do to pass time and to make time.”

If listening to Jazz music is something you are interested in, Jazz Revival airs Monday nights from 8-10 p.m. on 90.7 WVUA-FM.