Laufey, pronounced Lāy-Vāy, is an Icelandic-Chinese singer and songwriter. She released her first album, “Everything I Know About Love” on August 26. Laufey has had several popular singles and an EP, which was released in 2021. Many of her previous singles gained popularity through TikTok well before the release of her album. While Laufey is not new to the music scene, she has grown in popularity immensely in the past few years. Ones to Watch has even hailed her as the “modern-day Ella Fitzgerald.” She has collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Dodie on a rendition of Irving Berlin’s “Love To Keep Me Warm” and London’s Philharmonic Orchestra to release “Let You Break My Heart Again.” Laufey describes her sound as modern jazz, and it lives up to the description. Laufey’s vocals are light and airy as she sings both lead and backup. The riffs and embellishments on each track add to the already ethereal music. Her control and nuance in each song showcases her musicality and how deeply she believes in her longing lyrics. 

Whether her songs lean more towards bossa nova, like “Fragile” and “Falling Behind” or soft jazz like “I’ve Never Been In Love Before,” Laufey perfectly captures the fullness of modern jazz. Her experience playing with orchestras shines through in her music. Most songs contain at least one orchestral instrument, giving the songs an even deeper romantic feel. The lyrics take us through a journey of the different stages of being in love and figuring out what it is. In “Everything I Know About Love,” Laufey says “Oh, I don’t know that much at all I trip, I fall every time I try, it’s all too much that’s everything I know about love.” In “I’ve Never Been In Love Before,” the singer laments that “It’s all too strange and strong I’m full of foolish song and out my song must pour. So please forgive this helpless haze I’m in I’ve really never been in love before.” Sometimes the lyrics simply provide beautiful romantic imagery like “We’d play his records, dance real slow” and “I’m dreaming of your moonlight glow” from “Hi”. By the end of the album in “Dance With You Tonight,” Laufey gives us a glimpse of the mature relationship she now has with love. She says “Silly boy, don’t talk to me, I don’t have the energy. Please don’t ask to dance with me tonight. I do better on my own I don’t mean to come off cold but, my dear, I’m all danced out tonight.” 

Gen Z has identified strongly with Laufey’s lyrics. The recent uptick in the hopeless romantic aesthetic or general romanticizing of life has led many Gen Zs to adopt the lifestyle for themselves. This makes Laufey’s music even more appealing as she continues to write anthems for those craving romance. Her style, enchanting vocals, and masterfully crafted jazz give connect the listener with their own experiences, which only adds to the album’s appeal and charm. There is no doubt that Laufey’s songs will appear in “main character moment” or “what falling in love feels like” playlists everywhere and that her songs will continue to influence the rapidly increasing appeal of romantic modern jazz.  

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