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Tuscapalooza is a benefit show that will be held Thursday, April 10 from 6:30 p.m. to midnight at the Bama Theatre. Here are a few reasons why you should spend the evening with 90.7 the Capstone.

Skip the Strip, go downtown

Skip the Strip for one Thirsty Thursday and make a night of it downtown at Tuscapalooza! Come groove with us at the Bama Theatre, grab dinner and drinks at a downtown restaurant – break out of that Rounders routine!

Listen to local tunes…

If there’s one thing I love more than music, it’s local music. (The same can be said for beer.) Check out our lineup, and come out and support some of Tuscaloosa’s local up-and-coming talent.

…As well as an out-of-towner!

ZB Savoy; Image from

ZB Savoy; Image from

ZB Savoy is based in San Diego, California, so come out and show them some Southern hospitality! Plus, they have some excellent bowtie-sporting style, so I’m sure everyone can exchange Gameday fashion tips.

$5 to see five great bands

I’m sure you’ve done the math. I’m no accountant, but that’s like buying one nice beer, but instead, you get a full night of entertainment. (Plus, you can buy a  nice beer at the Bama Theatre’s cash bar! Win-win.)

Everyone is invited!

I was under 21 once, and the pickings for Thursday night entertainment were slim. (Plus, underage covers are atrocious. See above: $5 cover.) However, Tuscapalooza is an all-ages show. Bring your freshman friends who swipe you into dining halls (bless their hearts)! Bring the kids you babysit! Bring your mom! We want to share the music with everyone.

We hope to see you this Thursday!