A mix of techno, alternative, some indie and some pop, EDEN’s album “no future” is a little different than your typical “chill” music. EDEN uses some unusual techniques sonically to catch music lovers’ ears. Whether or not he executed his unusual techniques is up to you.

The third track off of EDEN’s “no future” “hertz”, definitely catches a listener’s ear, but perhaps not in a good way. Multiple times throughout “hertz” the song just stops for a second and then continues. Props have to be given to EDEN for trying something different sonically but I spent way too long thinking my phone kept randomly pausing my music, which is definitely not what I think he was going for. 

However, not every track off of “no future” was disappointing though. The song “love, death, distraction” is an audibly calming track. Its soft and soothing, its lyrics however convey a different message- a message of possible heartbreak and sadness. 

“Mind is racing

All you want so far is love, death and some kind of higher high

You’re reaching (Reaching)”

The songs title is incredibly fitting and showcases the song and what its about without being too direct. Overall, “love, death, distraction” is a good track that could be put on a late night playlist.

The track “just saying” is an interesting one. The first half of the song is more upbeat comparatively to the rest of the album, and the intro is full of techno type beats, a refreshing change. But somewhere towards the end of the song the “just saying” completely changes; first listening, I thought the song had actually changed. But no, rather EDEN incorporated a twist into “just saying.” This change in tempo, beat, and overall sound was much better executed than in his song, “hertz” where the song stops with no warning throughout it. Lyrically “just saying” continues it depressed feel, 

“And honestly, I can’t sleep no more

On film it’s dark but it’s only reconstructing light that don’t shine no more, I

Can’t help but dream of nights, I can’t live no more

Feelings die and she don’t sleep in my arms no more, yeah”

EDEN does have a poetic way of expressing sadness and depression. “just saying’s” poetic calmness makes for a satisfying track.

I would rate this album a 5/10. I was not too sure what I expected from EDEN’s “no future” but I expected more, I was a little disappointed with the album. There are definitely a few songs I would listen to again and would recommend. And if you decide to give this album a listen I recommend lighting a candle and listening late at night. Some of these tracks could definitely spice up your normal lo-fi indie playlist. “no future” is available on Spotify, Apple Music and i