Here are some recently released songs I’ve got on repeat right now.

BROCKHAMPTON’s latest album, ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE, dropped this Friday, and by far one of the top tracks off the record is “BUZZCUT.” Released as a single in anticipation for the album, the song combines buzzing bass, funky sirens, and a tight drum track to create a trippy listening experience. Danny Brown also acts as a perfect choice for a guest artist, his frenzied delivery complementing the energy of the track. “BUZZCUT” concludes with an ethereal tag, capping off the song’s progression with a delicate touch. Check out ROADRUNNER, streaming everywhere now.

Cake Pop: “Black Rum”

This single is the first release from the collective Cake Pop, which features Dylan Brady and Ravenna Golden among others. The song is pure hyper pop, characterized by electric guitar riffs, blown out drums, and high-pitched vocals. Brady and Golden both provide vocals for the track, creating distinct halves to the song. Accompanied by a unique video reminiscent of Brady’s style, “Black Rum” is epic and fun.


Twenty One Pilots: “Shy Away”
“Shy Away” is the first song released from Twenty One Pilots’ upcoming album Scaled and Icy. Similar to 2020’s “Level of Concern,” the track utilizes characteristic punchy drums, keyboards, and guitar fills to create a nice synth pop sound. Although mostly refined, vocalist Tyler Joseph gets a little grungy for just a moment on the final chorus, harkening back to the sound heard on “Jumpsuit” off the band’s last album Trench. Judging from the album art though, Scaled and Icy seems more likely to showcase the 80’s revival sound heard on the rest of the track. The album is set to release May 21.

Grady: “All In”
A fun, poppy track “All In” is the newest single from California artist Grady. Featuring autotuned vocals, a bouncy bass, and tinkling keys, the track is something like a modern version of “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” Grady seems to be aware of this similarity, even incorporating a call and response on his bridge. Don’t worry, though, “All In” is very much it’s own thing, and quite a good one at that.

ROSÉ: “On the Ground”
A member of the massively popular K-Pop band Blackpink, “On the Ground” is one of two singles released as part of ROSÉ’s solo work. The track contrasts simple strummed verses with powerful EDM-influenced choruses, creating an epic feel, matched in the song’s music video. Although there’s not much to see yet, this single (plus its partner “Gone”) are promising hints at future work from ROSÉ.

Laura Les: “Haunted”
Initially created as part of a livestream event, Laura Les recorded an official version of “Haunted” after receiving a a wave of positive feedback from fans. Following the trend of Les’s hyper pop sensibilities, the track combines an auto tuned verse with a chaotic unintelligible chorus, tying the two together with a Postal Service type looping sample. Not even reaching two minutes, the song is quite short but long enough to encourage you start head banging.