Kanye West’s ninth album, ‘Jesus is King,’ dropped on October 25th, and not even a month later, he has already announced the upcoming album, ‘Jesus is King Part II.’ So, what’s all the hype about? After listening to Jesus is King, it is clear that Kanye West has fulfilled his goal of creating a complete gospel album. This should not come as a shock to anyone, as Kanye gave a taste of his unique, gospel melody in his previous album, ‘The Life of Pablo.’

Though I am partial to the early Kanye era, I love the encouraging messages he is bringing to the world in 2019. In a short, 29-minute gospel album, he is able to musically define and promote unity, peace, and faith, while maintaining his usual musical style. Since the main purpose of the album is to promote faith and the love of God, he is definitely targeting a much more niche audience. But I guess when your name is Kanye West, you don’t really care about the number of streams, which just goes to show his respectable devotion and dedication to his beliefs.

By bringing rap, song, and devotion into a well-made gospel album, Kanye West was able to hit the top of the charts in a matter of days. ‘Jesus is King,’ was also ranked second as the largest sales week of the year for an R&B/hip/hop album! That deserves at least a little applause, whether it’s your style or not.

Rating: 6.8/10

‘Jesus is King’ is available to stream across all major platforms!