The iconic alternative hip-hop band Brockhampton have released yet another album, Ginger, this past August. This album contains of 44 minutes of a nostalgic feel of music with a total of 12 songs.


The album artwork includes a picture of two people hugging which goes hand and hand with the vibes the album gives off. The first track off of the album “NO HALO” starts off with a lyric saying “I don’t know where I’m going” which is then followed by Matt Champion starting the beginning verse of the song. The first song tends to leave a first impression of how the rest of the album will be. Going hand and hand with the feeling the cover art gives you.


Ironically member, Kevin Abstract, of Brockhampton told many people the goal of this album was to create “A summer album. Feel good. Not too sad like ‘or life sucks’ more like an enjoy what is in front of you.” Although Ginger does not fit right into the energy of the epitome of a summer vibe album, the production does not disappoint. The beats used throughout the album do have a very catchy, head nodding, body moving, feel to them although the lyrics are not always the most uplifting. Brockhampton never fails to disappoint with the production standpoint of their music. With catchy feel-good beats regardless of the lyrics.


Although Ginger does give off a enjoy the moment feeling with the meaningful lyrics from songs such as “DEARLY DEPARTED” and “VICTOR ROBERTS” along with others. It puts certain emotions and situations into perspective in hopes listeners will relate within their own lives and try not to show you’re not always alone and even if you don’t relate don’t take these things for granted.


Overall the album was good, for attempting to be a summer album it doesn’t exactly give the windows down let the summer hit your skin with every song but nonetheless the Brockhampton boys did a great job with the overall production of the album.