1. “This Is Not Love” – 6/10

Out of all the songs on Perfect Movie Scene, “This Is Not Love” is easily the most radio-ready song on the EP. While nothing in particular sticks out about it, it’s a catchy enough tune to bob your head to, and it makes for good background music. I could see it being played on a pop radio station or at a clothing store. 

  1. “Cinderella” – 5/10

“Cinderella” is a pretty generic love song. The intro of “Cinderella” screams “indie,” and is very reminiscent of CASTLEBEAT’s sound. It draws you in, but as the song goes on it begins to fall flat. It feels like the song doesn’t have enough dimension to it. Similar to “This Is Not Love,” it can make for decent background music. However, it’s not a song I could see many people going back to listen to again. 

  1. “Jealous” – 6.5/10

“Jealous” has to be one of the better songs on the EP. The dimension that the first two songs lack, “Jealous” has. The song’s soulful sound mixed with the angsty distortion of the singer’s voice sets the tone for the song perfectly. Although, as you get through the first verse and into the chorus, the music starts to fall short. “Jealous” continues to feel like a build-up to something that never happens. By the end, it feels repetitive and leaves you wishing there was more. 

  1. “A Night Out With” – 3/10

“A Night Out With” has to take last place on the EP. The production quality is decent, the vocals are a little too autotuned, and the lyrics don’t have a lot of thought put into them. It’s not a terrible song, but it is forgettable. I can’t see this song being played on the radio.

  1. “Spinning” – 7/10

Within the first few seconds, you can already tell the song is going to be pretty good. The melody sounds more planned out than the previous songs. The drumbeat compliments the guitar riff beautifully, and the vocals are the cherry on top. The lyrics are somewhat repetitive and generic, but the actual music makes up for it. “Spinning” is a song I could see being played on an alternative station. It has a similar sound to Young The Giant mixed with The Killers, which I think most would find favorable. The song isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a very nice listen. 

  1. “Divine” – 4/10

While it’s better than “A Night Out With,” it also doesn’t stick out. The chorus is monotonous, and the verses are decent. The best part is the vocals on the pre-chorus, but that’s the only thing worth noting about this song. Again, the lyrics aren’t anything to write home about. 

  1. “Going Home (Bitter)” – 6.5/10

“Going Home (Bitter)” catches you off guard a little bit. The intro sounds dull until the chorus begins. The chorus shifts the tone from casually upbeat to more sentimental. The lyrics in the chorus pair perfectly with its sound, “We’re going home, we’re going home (bitter).” The synth sound in the background of the chorus made the song sound complete, something most of the other songs lack. “Going Home’s” bridge worked well and was a great build-up to the outro. Overall, it was a solid way to wrap up the EP. 

The Review: Perfect Movie Scene – 6/10
In summary, considering Perfect Movie Scene is Borderline’s first EP ever, the vocals, talent, and production quality are incredibly impressive. Based on this EP, I think it’s safe to say that Borderline is working with an excellent foundation, but they need to build upon it to truly stand out. Perfect Movie Scene may have not been a home run, but it shows a great deal of promise for Borderline’s future. As they continue to develop their sound, hopefully, their songs will have more thoughtful lyrics and more musical dimension.

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