1. “Once Upon a Time in Ballard Town” – (7/10)

House sets the tone for his new EP, The Tides, starting with this dreary song. “Ballard Town” is somewhat repetitive musically, but it does have a catchy melody. The lyrics paired with soft guitar let listeners feel like they are walking through Ballard Town on a rainy autumn day. Lyrically, the song is quite heart-warming. There’s a nostalgic feel to what House is trying to convey, and it makes for a very comforting song. 

  1. “Miss You” – (5/10)

Not a lot is going on musically in this song. There’s some light guitar and piano accompanied by a gentle drumbeat. It’s got a similar sound to 2000s pop-rock mixed with modern folk music. The music isn’t memorable, but I believe it is because the lyrics are the main focus of this song. House is singing about his partner, and their painful emotional disconnect, “And the tides keep on turning and the sands keep on shifting, and we’re drifting so far apart.” The lyrics are pretty well written and paint a devastating but vivid image of the singer’s heartbreak.  

  1. “Dead Set on You” – (6/10)

“Dead Set on You” is the first faster-paced song on The Tides, but the lyrics don’t deviate much from the previous song. This song comes in with a lot of angst, and some pretty painful lyrics. I could imagine hearing this on an Alt-Rock station; the melody makes you tap your foot a little bit. However, the lyrics take priority, “There was no turning back, there was no giving up. When we lost that first child I had to sober up.” House clearly puts a lot of emphasis on what he says in his songs, rather than how they sound.

  1. “Show You the World Through My Eyes” – (6.5/10)

This song reminds me of a stripped Cage The Elephant song, it’s mellow and eerie. It is more slow-paced and may lose people’s interest quickly. There’s not a lot going on in this song, and in comparison to other pieces, the lyrics aren’t as specific. Although, they are still somewhat thought out. It’s a decent listen, but like I stated previously, it may quickly lose the listeners’ interest.

  1. “Lifeline” – (4/10)

House wraps up the EP with “Lifeline” which feels like we’re leaving on a low note. The lyrics of this song have a great contrast to the rest of the EP, being more loving and romantic. However, I can’t say they’re anything new compared to other generic love songs. The music, as well, is boring to put it plainly. Considering the quality of the lyrics in his other songs, “Lifeline” is a bit of a disappointment. Unfortunately, the music itself was not able to save the song either.

The Review: The Tides – (5.5/10)
Overall, The Tides is a half-decent EP, but I doubt it will stick out to many people. Griffin House has a good idea of what to write about and how to convey those ideas. He takes us through the feelings of nostalgia, heartbreak, grief, and love, but he needs to develop a stronger sound. These songs need more instrumentals and more dynamic melodies in order to grab people’s attention. It is evident he has put a great deal of effort into his lyrics, but some catchier tunes would help propel his music forward.

Photo Credits: Evening Records