“You get the best of both worlds” blared on the television, as I got ready to watch another episode of Hannah Montana. What a sense of nostalgia I just got from that sentence. I grew up listening to Miley Cyrus and I have several memories of the amazing music she has released. It’s no surprise that I still love her music to this day. So, when she recently released her newest single “Flowers,” I knew I had to write about it.  

If you don’t know, “Flowers” is a response to Cyrus’ break up with then- husband, Liam Hemsworth. Most of us wanted them to work out, but sometimes life doesn’t work the way we want it to. The best part is that the song is a response to Bruno Mars’ “If I was Your Man”. According to different media sources, that was the song that Hemsworth dedicated to Cyrus at their wedding. Mars’s recently responded and said he loves the song. Being a fan of both Mars and Cyrus, I really loved that connection of this latest single.  

“Flowers” is a refreshing reminder that your self-love is so important. You don’t need someone who isn’t going to give you all that you need in a healthy relationship. Cyrus reminds us of this in the entire song. With lyrics like “I can buy myself flowers”, “Write my name in the sand”, and “I can love me better”, emphasize the idea that you are better loving yourself, than staying with someone who never truly loved you.  

“Flowers” is one of the empowering songs that I will be continuing to sing and dance my heart out to. It will always make me feel like a strong and powerful woman. I personally want to thank Miley for reminding me that it’s better to love myself, than to love someone who can’t truly love me.  

If you haven’t listened to this amazing song, you need to check it out. Don’t forget to listen to Cyrus’ new album Endless Summer Vacation, when it comes out on March 10th, 2023.  

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