The time machine flashes back to the 2010s when One Direction was on top of the charts and winning hearts (which they still are). Personally, I was a huge Niall girl (and still am. Niall I love you!!) and at the same time, Harry was fighting for me to switch lanes. But Louis Tomlinson had always managed to get me excited to hear his voice in the songs. I could always tell whenever he was singing because of his unique voice. A voice that many have made fun of is one that I will always love. After the release of his debut album Walls, he’s recently dropped his latest one called Faith in the Future. As a dedicated fan, of course I had to listen to it. I will say that I really enjoyed it and am happy for Tomlinson as he makes a name for himself.  

A song that I really enjoyed would have to be “Chicago”. The whole vibe of the song has me nodding my head along, but also understanding the feeling of reminiscing an old love. Tomlinson really highlights this idea with the lyrics “Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean it’s meaningless to me.” Listening to this song reminds me of “Always You” from his debut album. Both songs deal with the idea of longing for someone or something that you lost, and I commend Tomlinson for his tugging lyrics on this song. This song is made for you to pretend that you’re the main character, looking outside the car on a rainy day. So put on your air pods and demonstrate your best Serena Van Der Woodsen expression and pretend to sulk in your vehicle.  

“Out of my System” is another song that I recommend. The one thing that Tomlinson is great at is making a headbanging, pop-punk hit. The song reminds me of something I would’ve listened to in the early 2010s, whether it be Fall Out Boy or Metro Station. With the lyrics “Gotta get it out of system. Gotta get it off of my chest”, you will be singing your heart out in the shower. With the upbeat feeling of the guitar, this song is meant for you to feel your emotions. It is such a fun song to work out to as well, because it gets your blood pumping. I just really love this song! 

Overall, Faith in the Future is such a great album. Louis Tomlinson is an underrated artist with fantastic music. Check out this latest album and his debut, Walls. From his One Direction days, he has always strived to be the best musician he can be. Shoutout to him and Niall for being some of the most supportive members of the former boyband. Louis Tomlinson will always be a rock star to me, I’m so glad to be a fan of your music!  

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