When I hear the name “soccer mommy”, I don’t automatically think of 22-year-old Sophia Regina Allison. After hearing her newest album “color theory”, I might think twice of the music I associate to a soccer mommy.

I had never even heard of Soccer Mommy before choosing to write this review, but I’m not disappointed in the music. If you’re interested in indie slow jams, this might be the perfect album for you. Compared to her past albums released annually since 2016, I’d say her sound has stayed constant.

There’s a balanced mix of slower and casual up-beat songs throughout her music. If you’re searching for great evening wind-down songs, ‘night swimming’, ‘up the walls’ and ‘yellow is the color of her eyes’ are a select few to add to your playlist for studying and relaxation.

If you’re looking for something with a little more pep, ‘crawling in my skin’, ‘bloodstream’, and ‘royal screwup’ are some to give a listen to, but no promises they’ll make you want to dance. A simple head bob might surface occasionally.

Overall, the album and all of Soccer Mommy’s music is decent. I find myself going back to listen to a couple songs, but I’d love to see a little variety in the future. Nothing to trash, but it’s not one of my personally treasured albums.

Rating: 6/10

Featured Tracks: ‘night swimming’, ‘up the walls’, yellow is the color of her eyes’, ‘crawling in my skin’, ‘bloodstream’, ‘royal screwup’

“color theory” is available on all major streaming platforms!