COIN’s last album was released three years ago, but we knew they wouldn’t keep us waiting long. Their song, ‘Don’t Cry, 2020’, alluded to the idea of a new album in 2020, to which they didn’t break their promise. ‘Dreamland’ released on February 21st, and I must say the album title doesn’t lie. It gives off a pop alternative vibe, which personally fits my playlist perfectly.

 Compared to their 2017 album ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’, I’d say COIN is still following their signature sound that can be found in their top songs ‘Talk Too Much’ and ‘Malibu 1992’. ‘Dreamland’ provides the same variety from up-beat jams to sing along with and slowed down songs perfect for your late-night drive. They kick off ‘Dreamland’ with a fast paced ‘Into My Arms’, and if I’m being honest, it definitely makes me want to run into their arms. I will for sure be dancing in my room to that one.

 Like ‘Malibu 1992’, their new song ‘Let It All Out (10:05)’ gives a laid-back feel when you’re ready to wind down, but it most certainly won’t put you to sleep. It’s a great stress relief song if you follow their instructions, just let it all out! If neither of those are putting you in a dream-like state, ‘Crash My Car’ seems to be a mix of the two, similar to ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’ from their 2017 album. It’s the perfect song to drive and sing to, without the risk of crashing your car.

 Now, the real question is whether any song will soar as high on the charts as ‘Talk Too Much’ did. I believe ‘Dreamland’ has a good mix that stations all over the world will be wanting to incorporate into their playlists. There are only a few tour dates left for this spring, but I’m crossing my fingers they’ll return to Birmingham for us to experience this ‘Dreamland’ in person. Whether you’re coasting the highway or studying for midterms, I highly recommend you give ‘Dreamland’ a listen. There’s at least one song on this album to fit your every mood.

 Rating: 8/10

Top Tracks: ‘Into My Arms’, ‘Let It All Out (10:05)’, ‘Crash My Car’

‘Dreamland’ is available on all major streaming platforms!