Looking for some drama that’s not about the Coronavirus? Watch a movie! A good movie can transport you to another world and can help take your mind off the troubles of the real world. If you haven’t seen it already, The Pianist is an award-winning film that is a must-watch if you are interested in learning more about wars and world crisis’. The Pianist is centered around a man named Szpilman who plays the piano on the public radio, as well as his Jewish family during World War II. The film shows the family going from living their normal lives, to being branded with the star of David, to moving to the Warsaw Ghetto, and finally to concentration camps. 

Although Szpilman’s family gets sent to concentration camps, he gets saved by a friend and sent off to work as a slave. He later escapes and goes into hiding for years in different locations, suffering through sicknesses and starvation. 

His last destination of hiding is back at the abandoned ghetto, where he hides in the attic of a house that has a piano, but he is later discovered by a German soldier, who was also a pianist. The soldier learns that Szpilman can play the piano, so he is kind to the pianist, bringing him food and not killing him. When the war is over, Szpilman continues to play the piano on the public radio. 

This film can be found to be very relevant in our world today, by giving us perspective. With talk of how miserable the Coronavirus and having to quarantine is, we forget that we actually are very fortunate that we’re only asked to stay inside, and not suffer the terrible atrocities of war such as a concentration camp. Watch this compelling movie and be transported to a time that will give you perspective and gratitude, while distracting you from quarantine.