Written by Charlie McCoy

Ruel took the music world by storm in 2018 with a unique and powerful voice at the young age of fifteen, front-running award-winning hits such as “Dazed and Confused” and later, in 2019, “Painkiller.” Ruel’s “MUST BE NICE” is the debut single of his upcoming album “4th Wall,” set to release on March 3rd . The highly anticipated album is the fourth of his young career. Inspired by familiar movies such as “Fight Club” and the “Truman Show”, “4th Wall” is brought to life by Ruel’s feeling of being an imposter to his normal self on tour for media and fans.

In his new debut single from his upcoming album, Ruel rides an emotional rollercoaster of separation and the jealous feeling of “it must be nice” to forgive and forget so quickly. “MUSTBE NICE,” released on January 25th , tells a story of the struggle of moving on from a past relationship. Torn by his ex-partners ease at getting over him so easily, Ruel pleads “Tell me what it’s like/To sleep well every night/Not fake it when you smile/To move on with your life.”

Pain helplessly echoes through Ruel’s voice as he conveys his struggle with moving forward,while also somehow feeling happy for his partner’s success in forgetting him. In a Coupe De Main interview Ruel states, “All break ups are different in their own way, but when you see the other person getting on with their life it hits so much harder.”

Now at the age of 20, Australian-born Ruel Convent van Dijk, known monogamously as Ruel, has been a staple in the British and Australian music industry for years. With each release, he is tapping further into the American market and solidifying his spot in the global music industry. His upcoming album “4th Wall” is certainly one to look out for in the month of March.

Photo credits from: genius.com