Live entertainment. Craft beer. Good people. What more could you ask for?

Opened five years ago and serving only two beers at the time, Druid City Brewing Company has since grown into a popular hangout spot off the beaten path from other Tuscaloosa bars, with a dedicated patronage of locals and university students alike.

The owners and operators, Elliott Roberts and Bo Hicks, started out as “experienced homebrewers” who decided it was time to share their passions with the town they loved. They opened Druid City Brewing Company, and have since expanded to serving six craft beers year round, with multiple “occasional” beers that are available for limited times throughout the year.

However, in addition to their self-brewed craft beers, DCBC also brings local, laid back entertainment to its customers, with live music being at the forefront.

Bringing in live music and entertainment to the Tap Room (located on 15th St. behind Citi Trends) was always in the business plan, and remains one of the top priorities today.

Druid City Brewing Company books artists at all levels of their careers, from bands that make the Tap Room a stop on their tour list, to local solo artists looking for exposure and to showcase their talents.  “Local acts are always fun because family and friends come out [to listen],” says owner Elliott Roberts.

The Tap Room receives new requests from artists every week to book new talent for the bar, and the owners say all requests are welcome, as they are always looking for new performers that they “feel will be a great fit.”

Past performers who made an impression on the DCBC management include The Whiskey Shivers (who have gone on to tour globally as well as score a supporting role in Pitch Perfect 3 as the band “Saddle Up”), Doc Dailey (a Florence, AL native), The Rock Bottom String Band, and Young Mister. Bands seem to have a special connection to DCBC as they make the Tap Room a stop on their travels, and are always welcomed back.

But Druid City Brewing Company goes even further in their entertainment offerings than simply music; the Tap Room hosts a weekly trivia night every Friday, open mic comedy shows, and even the occasional fundraiser to benefit local causes. These events also are a big crowd pleaser: “If you’ve ever been to trivia the Friday night before a football game, it will not surprise you to hear that’s a great draw for us,” says Elliott Roberts.

With all of these unique options offered by Druid City Brewing Company, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but when pressed, Mr. Roberts admits that it’s “the community we’ve built in the Tap Room… I love that folks generally enjoy and feel like our place is a place where they belong.”

He cites the regulars the bar has accumulated, but enjoys that people feel comfortable and at home in the place he’s spent so long building. While the Tap Room is not the largest space, the location has a “home-y” feel that is welcoming and comforting both inside as well as on the outside patio area. 


“We’re most proud of the fact that among the most mentioned words in reviews are ‘at home’”


The Tap Room is open 4pm – 10pm on weekdays, and opens at 12pm on weekends. The Brewery is also open to tours from the owners themselves!

Follow them on Facebook ( or Twitter (@DruidCityBrew) to stay updated and see a full list of events coming to DCBC, and as the website says: “Come Drink, and Be Merry!”