Rest in Peace DepartmentBy Harrison DeFalco

Many filmgoers were probably confused this weekend when they saw a supernatural, poor man’s version of “Men in Black.” That’s the best way to describe “R.I.P.D.” (Rest in Peace Department), the new summer action flick starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

“R.I.P.D.” begins with our leading man, Reynolds, talking about being in the paranormal justice organization.  He continues to do this until midway through the movie. Is this important? No. Because when he is talking about being in the “R.I.P.D.,” he has literally just been enlisted.  He talks as if he’s a veteran, and it’s just not credible.

The way the rules of “R.I.P.D.” are communicated is done well enough and gives an interesting incentive to go investigate the comic books from which this film was based off of.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to make up for the lack of chemistry between Reynolds and Bridges. This was the biggest let down of the movie. There was no connection between the characters at all. The story doesn’t even bother to develop any real conflict besides Reynolds’s longing to be with his wife again.  I didn’t sign up to watch a remake of “Ghost.”

From a technical standpoint: we are in the year 2013, and we should have a good grasp on our special effects by now. There were numerous times when the CGI rivaled Reynolds’s last mistake, “The Green Lantern.”

“R.I.P.D.” is a prime example of rushed and lazy storytelling. I still ended up chuckling throughout the film so it wasn’t all bad.  But a couple of funny scenes a film does not make. Looks like the Rest in Peace Department might have another “Deado” on their hands.