Here is all the information you could ever want as the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide takes a 21-14 lead into the locker room against the No. 4 Auburn Tigers. Full coverage coming from Andrew Wallace and I postgame.

Team Stats

Rushing Yards: Auburn 162, Alabama 136
Passing Yards: Alabama 99, Auburn 29
Total Yards: Alabama 235, Auburn 191
Penalties: Auburn 3-21, Alabama 1-9
1st Downs: Alabama 12, Auburn 8
3rd Downs: Auburn 4-7, Alabama 1-6
4th Downs: Alabama 1-1, Auburn 0-0
Time of Possession: Alabama 16:27, Auburn 13:33

Individual Stats: Alabama

AJ McCarron: 10-16, 99 yards, 2 touchdowns, 0 interceptions
T.J. Yeldon: 13 carries, 74 yards, 1 touchdown; 1 catch, 9 yards
Kenyan Drake: 4 carries, 33 yards
Kevin Norwood: 2 catches, 34 yards, 1 touchdown
O.J. Howard: 2 catches, 23 yards
Amari Cooper: 2 catches, 17 yards; 1 carry, 28 yards
DeAndrew White: 2 catches, 13 yards
Jalston Fowler: 1 catch, 3 yards, 1 touchdown

Individual Stats: Auburn

Nick Marshall: 4-6, 29 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions; 7 carries, 49 yards, 1 touchdown
Tre Mason: 15 carries, 101 yards, 1 touchdown
Corey Grant: 2 carries, 12 yards
Sammie Coates: 1 catch, 21 yards
C.J. Uzomah: 1 catch, 9 yards

Drive Chart and Analysis from Andrew Wallace

First Alabama drive looks promising. Large Yeldon run leads to missed 44 yard field goal. Key play: Yeldon stuffed on 3rd and short.

Auburn goes 3 and out. Ricardo Louis is wide open but drops ball.

Bama follows with a 3 and out of their own. Mandell bobbles punt and barely gets it off. Auburn ball on their 34.

Holding on a read option QB keeper. Marshall gains small yards. Landon Collins stuffs a run for minus 2. Auburn seems to be having trouble making their adjustments pre-play. Two timeouts burned on one drive to prevent delay of game. Auburn converts 3rd and long with a 17 yard pass over the middle. Then two quick run plays place them in Bama territory. Landon Collins takes a bad angle and nick marshall goes for a 45 yard rushing TD. 7-0 Auburn, 5 minutes left in the 1st.

Bama goes 3 and out. DeAndrew White runs a crosser that is half a yard shy of the marker.

A’Shawn Robinson sacks Marshall. 3rd and 17 for AU leads to 4th and long. Bama ball on Tiger 43.

AJ under throws Amari Cooper on a home run shot. Kenyan Drake moves the chains on an 11-yard burst. Drake is finding his way between Kelly and Steen as the first quarter closes 7-0 Tigers. Bama has yet to convert a 3rd down. AJ sacked by Gabe Wright. Christion Jones drops a comeback route for a would be 1st down. DeAndrew White gains 10, so 4th and 7. Alabama draws Auburn offside, now 4th and 2. AJ McCarron to O.J. Howard for the conversion. 1st and goal from the 10 after another OJ gain. Drake moves it to the 3. Play action to Jalston Fowler as he scores. 7-7 with 11 min left in the 2nd.

Tre Mason fumbles kick return, but he recovers. Aub ball at 25.
Mason fumble. Bama ball on AU 36.

Yeldon 9 yard rec. Bama converts on 3rd and 2. Leads to a 20 yard TD reception on next play. AJ to Norwood. 14-7 Bama 712 left in 2nd.

Auburn goes 3 and out after Hubbard sacks Marshall. Bama ball on their 44.

Yeldon gains 10 on first down. After a Cooper drop, McCarron’s ball is tipped and caught by Kevin Norwood for a 1st down. Ball on the Bama 30.
Amari Cooper lines up in the backfield and rushes for a 29 yard gain. 1st and goal at the 1. TJ Yeldon rushes for a score on the following play. 21-7 Alabama with 4 min left in 2nd quarter.

Aub ball on their 20. 8 yard Tre Mason run. Followed by a 40 yarder. Tigers deep in Bama territory. Aub goes hurry up. Another 10 yard Mason gain. Tigers going right up the middle on zone hesitation runs. Nick Marshall on a read option keeps it for a 15 yard gain to the Alabama 1 yard line. Tre Mason scores on the following play. 21-14 Alabama leads with 1:40 left in the first half.

Bama ball on the 25. 5 yard McCarron scramble followed by a 3 yard TJ run. Illegal substitution on Aub gives Bama a 1st and 10 at the 41. Cyrus jumps to move Bama back to the 35. On 2nd and 15 TJ gains 2 yards on a draw. Alabama timeout. Bama runs another draw which will end the first half. Auburn ball to start the second half. 21-14 Bama