When Ariana Grande dropped her latest hit single “Yes, and?”, I was so excited to hear new music from her. I had been waiting since her last album, Positions, to get some new music. When I tell you that Grande delivered, best believe that she served and ate that album up. It is such a great and complete album that I haven’t stopped listening to it.  

My favorite song off the album is “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)”. It’s heartbreaking, but beautiful and fun to dance to at the same time. With TikTok being so popular, the platform has allowed for people to be familiar with the song. It’s been a trend to pair this song with fictional couples from popular books and movies. For example, some TikToks that I have seen with this song have featured Belly and Conrad (The Summer I Turned Pretty), Emma and Dexter (One Day), and Peter and MJ (Spiderman Trilogy). Considering that the song is already sad, it makes it even more painful watching these TikToks. I think the most ethereal part of this song would have to be the bridge. With lyrics like “Know that you made me. I don’t like how you paint me, yet I’m still here hanging”, Grande is able to capture such raw emotion. She also just sounds like an angel during this part of the song.  

Another song that I love on this album is “Imperfect for You”. The guitar intro to this song immediately gets you hooked; Grande’s voice helps emphasize the softness of this song. This song is definitely in my top 5 of this album. My favorite part would be the change of key whenever Grande sings “imperfect for you”. I had thought that she would keep the same key when singing this part, but I loved that she changes it up. That is the most memorable part of the song. It’s so pretty to listen to.  

“The Boy Is Mine” is another song that is a certified hit on this album. With the same title as Brandi and Monica, 90s hit, Grande gives us an it girl vibe. Whenever I listen to this song, I get the mental image of the Bratz dolls dancing. This song gives off a very 90s and 2000s sound, and I love that. It sounds like a very quintessential Ariane Grande song.  

The last song that I wanted to mention is called “Bye”. This song has been stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks and I love it. The production has a disco feel to it, which makes it easy to nod and dance along to. It gives off major girl boss vibes, which allows you to slay the day away.  

Honorable mentions that you should listen to are “Supernatural”, “Ordinary Things”, and “Intro (End of the World)”.  

Overall, this album is a piece of work! It’s a beautiful album by Grande and I really enjoy it. I would rank high, right besides Sweetener and Thank U Next. If you haven’t listened to Eternal Sunshine, you most definitely should.  

Photo Credits from: Republic Records