The Asheville singer-songwriter, Indigo De Souza, releases an emotional ballad turned to screaming into the abyss-esque lonesomeness put to a series of instrumentals that seem to grow bigger and bigger with the feelings De Souza chronicles. “Younger and Dumber” is the lead single to her upcoming album, All of This Will End.

This tune is sure to rouse some emotions from a myriad of perspectives. A lost love. A feeling of unwantedness. A hope for a better future somewhere down the line, in a direction we’re unsure about. “Younger and Dumber” takes the shape of a style we’ve yet to experience from De Souza, whereas her previous albums took a more backseat approach to the emotions she feels, this track feels as though she’s looking them dead in the eyes, and willing for a way to fix it all. This is a power ballad to the farthest extent of the term, and she is demanding to be listened to. De Souza later noted that this song was a sort of conversation she wished to have with her younger self, about the decisions she made and where they eventually led her. The song’s climax is reached, and the raw pain is on full display as she pleads with herself. “And it’s not cause I’m lonely/ I get so tired of filling the space all around me,” she belts over the symphony and cacophony in the background. It’s blunt and it’s real. Indigo De Souza is arming herself for a war against the psyche on the upcoming album, released on April 28th, 2023.

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