By Kalei Burgess

Rex Orange County released his third studio album, Pony, on October 25th through Sony records. Pony, while similar to his previous two released, delivers an uncomplicated and refreshing listen. All the memes circulating Twitter about seasonal depression might hold some truth coupled with the recent time change (why is it pitch black at 5pm?) so listening through Rex’s new album was light enough to get me through my study session.

Rex, formally known as Alex O’Connor, is almost ingenious in his choice of themes and delivery. Most major albums dropped within the last few years convey hard hitting topics and lyrics ranging from drug use to politics. Pony, like Rex’s other previous projects, is almost like a breath of fresh air. Lyrics about his experiences that relate to the 17-22 age demographic are something we can enjoy listening to without having to think incredibly hard about it. Being in love, growing up but not old just yet, and bouncing through experiences chalked up to “living life” are topics we all have a connection to. Rex doesn’t force us to overanalyze lyrics and search for hidden meanings in long metaphors; he gifted us with an album that reminds us how to simply enjoy music.

His bubbly “indie-pop” beats coupled with a slightly more childlike sounds such as bird chirps, electric pianos, and upbeat sythns allow for each track to be unique. A few of my favorites were Pluto Projector, It Gets Better, and It’s Not the Same Anymore. 

If you’re looking for something positive to listen to as you start preparing for finals, I highly recommend Pony. Rex Orange County didn’t disappoint, although this album was slightly predictable. Rex is like that indie Soundloud  artist in your literature class that longboards to class and cuffs his jeans, and we can’t seem to get enough of it. 

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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