Kayzo and Tina Turner

Kayzo on the left and WVUA reporter Tina Turner on right.

2018’s Voodoo Music and Arts Experience Festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana, was three days filled with a dynamic line up. The EDM scene there is hot, with artist like ODESZA, Hippie Sabotage, and Martin Garrix to name a few.

An absolute stand out EDM artist there was Kayzo, a Houston native and DJ and producer. His sound was unlike any other there. It’s EDM with a a mix of high energy, hard-styled rock and trap.

I sat down with Kayzo before his electrifying performance on the LePlur stage.

During the show he played his newest single “Wasted Space”, a collaboration with one of his favorite bands, Underoath. He spoke to me on what that song means to him.

“It’s just kind of like my ever continuing journey to fuse rock and pop punk with electronic music. I grew up listening to listening to all the pop punk bands or rock bands and I just want to find a way to bring my roots and what I’m passionate about into what I do now, which is electronic music.”

“Wasted Space” was released on October 31 and is getting a lot of attention as he continues his tour out of the country.

I asked him if he plans to come through Bama anytime soon.

“I’ve never been to Tuscaloosa, but I know you guys are a crazy school and have great energy. But you guys have Hangout Fest so we’ll see, I would love to come out there.”

Go here to check out his latest single.

kayzo at voodoo

Kayzo on LePlur stage