Friday, September 7, 2018, rapper Mac Miller reportedly overdosed and died in his home, though it has not been released as to what substance he was using when the accident occurred. Miller was never shy about opening up about his struggles with anxiety and addiction over the years in interviews, with fans, and in his music.

Yeah, nine times out of ten I get it wrong

That’s why I wrote this song, told myself to hold on

I can feel my fingers slippin’, in a ————— instant I’ll be gone

Do you want it all if it’s all mediocre”

(“Small Worlds,” Swimming (2018))

But even more prevalent was the space that the absence of Mac Miller has created; almost immediately after the news broke, social media was abuzz, both from regular users as well as other celebrities who had worked with and known Mac Miller. Many fans lamented that they had grown up listening to Miller’s songs, and felt that they had grown up alongside the young rapper, who was only 26 years old.

Donald Glover reportedly stopped mid-way through his concert in Chicago to make a speech about how important Miller was as a person as well as performer, while Elton John dedicated his rendition of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” to Miller Saturday night on a leg of his farewell tour.

J. Cole also had something to say about the tragedy, getting emotional during his own concert after dedicating the entire night in honor of Miller. Cole produced Miller’s latest album Swimming and had worked closely with the rapper up until his death.

Cole has been outspoken about the prevalence of drug use and its disastrous effects, making it the center of his own album “KOD.” He took to Twitter to express his concern for anyone in the same position as Miller was:

Chance the Rapper also took to social media to express his sympathies, citing that Mac Miller was a big help in launching his own career –

With so much support behind the rapper, and many heartbroken about his death, Mac Miller will not be forgotten, and will be remembered for his offbeat humor, honest verses, and above all, his love for music and artistic creation.


[featured image courtesy of CNN]