Spring is finally here. That means the flowers will be blooming, the weather will be warmer, and summer is right around the corner. Here are some awesome throwbacks picked out by staff writer Megan that will help put you in the spring spirit. These are also great additions to any spring break, summer vacation road trip playlist.

1. “What’s My Age Again” blink-182 (1999)


As the one of the first official “young and stupid” anthems, it’s like it was tailor made for Spring Break. Everyone in your squad should know the words, and with its goofy lines roughly laid out story, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser – and a song that almost demands to be blasted through the speakers with all the windows open.






2. “Dani California” Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006) 

The name itself lends itself to a summer vibe, with the strong drum beat and Anthony Kiedes’ wavering voice finishing the thought. The slow and carrying chorus juxtaposed with the faster and witty verses are just the right amount of give-and-take to keep the energy in the car up and involved.


3. “American Girl” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1976)

First things first – RIP Tom Petty. There’s a reason that this song has been around for so long, and that’s that its universal – either you’re the American Girl he’s talking about, or you know someone who is. Petty’s intricate long-form guitar solos are the forefront of the song, the tempo perfectly timed to keep pace with the quickly blurring road lines down the interstate.






4. “Ocean Avenue” Yellowcard (2003)

A song that really can only be appreciated in the warm weather, from the subject to even the band’s name, it’s almost the perfect setting for Spring Break. The quick guitar riffs make for the perfect air-guitar setup in the cramped car quarters, and the seemingly spontaneous longer notes that have you screaming out the window about places you’ve never been and people you’ve never met are just what your trip needs.


5. “Drops of Jupiter” Train (2001)

We once heard this song described as “the best song ever made” and while we won’t go that far in its achievement, it definitely had to be included in the list. Everyone knows a great playlist can’t always be super fast and loud, or else the whole group would be exhausted in an hour. But that’s why this song is the perfect mix – slowing down the pace without sacrificing the energy in the car, or the desire to sing along and pass the time.


6. “Semi-Charmed Life” Third Eye Blind (1997)

A chorus of “do-do-do’s” is more than enough to get everyone involved and feeling silly as they try to keep up with the tongue twisting lyrics in this song. Filled with good vibes and good times, “Semi-Charmed Life” was a staple of the early 90s, and a semi-nostalgic throwback perfect for relaxing.