Last year, the NHL had a new scoring champion. It was not Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Evgeni Malkin, Steven Stamkos, or John Tavares. The leading scorer in the NHL for the 2014-2015 season was Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars. Benn scored 35 goals and had 52 assists last season for a total of 87 points, which was one more point than John Tavares. Some people might have thought this was a one-year trend, and that someone else would comeback in 2015-2016 to lead the league in points. No one is questioning the fact that Jamie Benn is an extremely talented player, but is he really the best offensive player in the entire league? His numbers through the first 12 games of this season say so.


Jamie Benn has not slowed down at all early on in 2015. Through 12 games, Jamie Benn leads the league in goals with ten and points with 18, which is one ahead of his Dallas Stars teammate, Tyler Seguin. Seguin leads the league in assists with 12 and is second in points with 17. If Benn continues on this pace, he would end the season with 123 points if he plays all 82 games, something he was able to accomplish last season. The last player to score 120 points in a season was Sidney Crosby in the 2006-2007 season. While this would be a torrid pace to keep up for Benn, it is very possible with the way he has been playing. It also helps having Tyler Seguin on his line.


Many people do not think Benn is the best scorer in the league, and he certainly does not get discussed as much as other top players in the NHL. By the end of the season, these doubters could very well be wrong again. Benn just turned 26 this summer, so he is just entering his prime. Also, as the captain of a team that has had high hopes the last few seasons, only to fall short, Benn is on a mission to get his team to the promise land. He has all the skills in the world that you want out of a top scorer- a hard shot, good speed, big body, and an ideal line mate. All you doubters can keep doubting Jamie Benn all you want, but when you look at the scoring leaders at season’s end, expect to see Benn’s name at the top once again. This secret superstar is here to stay.