Every week each staff member at 90.7 chooses a song to share. With a variety of music tastes between us, you’re bound to find something you’ll like. For the links to work, you will need to install the Spotify program.

Andrew Brown – Station Manager
I always begged my father to play it on the way to school every morning in 1999.

Jennifer Hester – Program Director
I love this song because it’s a fun throwback!

Dodson Seitz – Marketing Director
It’s a centimental song that reminds me of a friend that passed away.

Jackson Downing – Digital Media Director

In January I was on a 24 hour drive home to Denver. Midway through, I slept a few hours in the car in sub-zero temperatures. After a police officer knocked on my window, kindly waking me up, I blearily hit the road and heard this song for the first time. Now it’s my cruising jam.

Andrew Laningham – Production Director
I’ve been listening to this song (and the band) a lot to help me out in Spanish class. All of the lyrics are in Spanish, and it’s helping me acclimate myself to hearing the Spanish language regularly. It also doesn’t hurt that the song is a well written subversive anthem about living in the slums of East LA.

Jordan LaPorta – News Director
This song is my angsty jam. I’m a Big Green Day fan and this is my favorite song on the ’94 album Dookie.

Luke DiVasta – Sports Director
This song was one of those that the first time I heard it, I loved it. The lyrics mean nothing to me; it’s just a jam.

Terry Siggers – General Manager
Jailbreak is when Phil Lynott hit his peak as a song writer, and while it usually takes a back seat to “The Boys are Back in Town,” “Cowboy Song” best exhibits the soulful vocals, twin lead guitar solos and driving guitar riffs that have come to define Thin Lizzy as a band, as well as much of 70s rock. Oh, and that second guitar solo is just legit.

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