Over the weekend, 90.7 went to Huntsville to catch Widespread Panic on their current tour.


This was the first time the band has been back since 2007 and they delivered an electric set to a crowd of over 9,000 people.


The crowd was in full force dancing along with the music and participating in all the rituals that normally take place during a Panic show.


The band’s set, which lasted over three hours, consisted of two sets and an encore (a concept that I was not familiar with until I started going to Jam band shows.)


Set 1: 

One Arm Steve

Walkin’ (For Your Love)

Space Wrangler

Shut Up and Drive > Papa Legba, Greta > Up All Night

Pickin’ Up The Pieces > Chilly Water


Set 2:

Little Kin

Jack > Saint Ex > Driving Song > Pilgrims > Driving Song

Werewolves Of London > Maggot Brain > Protein Drink > Sewing Machine



Tail Dragger

Climb To Safety


The entire show was performed with Duane Trucks on drums.


After Saint Ex there was a Won’t Get Fooled Again’ tease


There was a Red Hot Mama jam after Pilgrims.


A Sweet Home Alabama’ rap ensued during Werewolves Of London


Lastly, Maggot Brain had a spoken word intro. (Longest Jam I have sat through in my life)


Overall, I agree with those who say Panic is an outdoor band. While the show was stellar and the crowd was on point, I feel the band could have benefited from an outdoor crowd and what all they could bring to the table.