Take the Power back is a Nashville based Rage Against the Machine tribute band.

Oh, and they are all girls.

The group has gained approval from hardcore Rage fans and casual music listeners from all different aspects.

Tribute bands are a popular concept, but there are very few that can leave their mark and have a crowd screaming for an encore, which was the case tonight at Green Bar.

Singer Katy Lyles has the unique, identical energy and vocals shared by RATM’s frontman Zach de la Rocha. Her raspy voice and astounding stage presence are what make this band different than other tribute bands.

During the show, Lyles spoke about the self-titled Rage Against the Machine album and agrees that it still resonates today.

As of now, Rage Against the Machine is on an indefinite hiatus. So if you want to hear the musical stylings of the band, check out Take The Power Back. Their performance is as close to the real RATM audiences can experience.


The set-list:



Year of the Boomerang

People of the Sun

Bulls On Parade

Bullet in the Head

Bomb Track


Down Radio

Settle for Nothing

Snake Charmer

Tire Me


Born of a Broken Man

No Shelter


Township Rebellion

Killing in the Name

Wake Up

It takes a special band to put an original spin on a band’s music, while staying true to the original but Take The Power Back does it with poise and grace.