By Camille Corbett, Host of Femme Fatale

The third season finale of the riveting HBO series, Game of Thrones has set up it’s fantastical world for yet another massive showdown. While there have been numerous tensions throughout the season where situations have come to a head, such as the infamous “Red Wedding,”there still seems to be a hint of foreboding as to what will occur next in Martin’s tumultuous universe.

The ending scene of this episode, shows Danenerys Targaryen, being lauded as “mother” to a people she has freed in her seemingly never-ending campaign to regain her birthright, the Iron Throne. This episode evokes the question, “Has Danenerys lost sight of her vision?” For freeing people across the sea from the kingdom she is trying to reclaim isn’t exactly the most pragmatic tactic. Especially because in order to do she she forfeited obtaining free ships from the slave holders. So I would speculate that Danenerys is about to feel the repercussions of straying from her vision of obtaining her rightful place as Queen of the Iron Throne. On the bright side, her CGI dragons do seem to be getting larger. So that may also be a sign that things are about to get intense in the Targaryen department.

In addition, poor Tyrion Lannister seems to be pretty down on his luck. His new child-wife won’t stop weeping, his marriage still hasn’t been consummated, his drinking is exacerbating, and to top it off his concubine, Shae, isn’t very happy that her job is to take care of her lover’s mistress. However, Lord Varys does hint towards his potential once he gets over his little rough patch, citing him as a possible solution to the chaos that is breaking lose all over Westeros. It is interesting to note that Varys views Tyrion’s mistress as a possible hinderance and attempts to bribe her away from court. It seems that Martin is hinting that Tyrion will never be great if he doesn’t forego his endless quest for love. Tyrion is being viewed more and more as a tragic hero whose major flaw seems to be trusting the opposite sex. However, love (or his lack of love) also seems to give Tyrion a more pronounced perspective on the world which these characters are living in. This episode leaves us with the question of whether Tyrion will rise to the occasion, or fall off the deep end and drink himself to death.

Jon Snow also seems to have been in a sticky situation this season, and was finally able to relieve himself of it…with a few strings attached. While he was finally able to return to his brothers in the Night Watch, after his escapades with Wildings, during his adventures as an infiltrator for the Wildings he fell in loven with Ygritte. Who gave him a piece of her mind when she caught him in his final betrayal to the Wilding people in this episode, by shooting him with two non-fatal arrow shots. Luckily he is able to return, worse for the wear back to the Night’s Watch. This story stinks of something unfinished. Jon Snow is going to eventually have to answer to why he broke his vow as a member of the Night’s Watch and had relations with a woman…if he lives to tell the tale. In addition, I doubt that this is the last we shall see of Ygritte. For you know what they say about a woman scorned… Either way, if Jon Snow lives past his affliction, he is in some major trouble.

Of course we have to talk about  Lord Ramsey Snow, who has tortured poor Theon Greyjoy in unimaginable ways and amputated parts of him that would make your mother blush. Absolutely everyone is craving for his story. We know he sick, we know he wants, power, but what’s his story? Why is he so sick and why does he crave power? Hopefully these questions will be answered soon enough. In addition, it seems that Theon Greyjoy’s sister is going to rescue him against the wishes of her father. It is up to next season for us to see whether or not she succeeds in those endeavors. And if she doesn’t, will Ramsey Snow treat her with the same hospitality as he did her brother?

Stannis Baratheon’s story line is probably the most boring one of them all, but in this finale, things happened to get a little hairy. Stannis captured his brother’s last surviving illegitimate child, Gendry, in an attempt to do some sick god of light ritual with his red witch lover. Luckily, he was able to escape on a boat thanks to the help of Stannis’s hand. So now that Gendry knows his lineage, will he attempt for more noble endeavors and join the fight for the Iron Throne, or will it cause him to lie farther in the shadow? Once agin, we shall see in the upcoming season. Likewise, now that Stannis’s last hope is dashed, can he finally be killed off? Because his storyline is horrifically tiresome and awkward.

Cersei and Jaime have been reunited. However, their meeting was awkward and it is uncertain if they will continue their incestuous relationship, or attempt to be normal human beings who do not fornicate with their siblings. It can be certain that the lost of Jaime’s hand has humbled him and in turn perhaps made him less attractive to his malevolent sister who seems to take great pleasure in arrogance. Once again, it is one of those things, we must wait for the next season to see. However it goes, this storyline is going to get much spicier.

My favorite storyline, Arya Stark’s was one of the few with no questions to be had, but rather a sense of inevitability. Arya has teamed up with the Hound in this season and on this episode, had her last transition to a full blown killer by killing a grown man with a knife she stole from the Hound. The only questions I have about Arya is how violent will she be getting and whether or not her new vocation as killer will be fatale to her own life. As a feminist, I get great joy out of Arya’s story, especially in comparison to her sister, Sansa, who just cries a lot and whines about how short her new husband is.

Overall, this episode was a great ending to the season. It left viewers on the precipice of change and hints towards a grand or fatal future for most of the characters. Needless to say, I expect the first episode of the next season to be action packed and filled with answers.