Author: Kinsey Haynes

Marilyn Manson Iron City Birmingham, AL 4/26/15

  Last night, Marilyn Manson performed to a sold-out crowd at Birmingham’s Iron City. Fans wrapped around both sides of the building, waiting and eagerly anticipating the night’s performance. When the doors opened, the scene looked like a herd of rabid animals trying to make it to the front of the stage. Leading off the evening was Knee High Fox from Los Angeles, CA. They were an average Manson-esque band led by singer Christine Connolly. They were intriguing enough to get the crowd in a frenzy for what was next. Marilyn Manson appeared on stage through thick fog and...

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Rage Against The Machine Tribute Band Performs At Green Bar 4/25/15

  Take the Power back is a Nashville based Rage Against the Machine tribute band. Oh, and they are all girls. The group has gained approval from hardcore Rage fans and casual music listeners from all different aspects. Tribute bands are a popular concept, but there are very few that can leave their mark and have a crowd screaming for an encore, which was the case tonight at Green Bar. Singer Katy Lyles has the unique, identical energy and vocals shared by RATM’s frontman Zach de la Rocha. Her raspy voice and astounding stage presence are what make this...

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Needtobreathe Brings Tour De Compadres to the Amphitheater for Opening Night

Colony House Drew Holcomb Ben Rector Bear Rinehart Bo Rineheart Seth Bolt Tour de Compadres   Charleston, SC band NEEDTOBREATHE has come a long way since 2006. From playing a water park in Decatur, Alabama for 30 people to playing amphitheaters for 7,000+, the band has worked their way to popularity through perseverance. Night one of Tour de Compadres kicked off right here in Tuscaloosa with the band Colony House from Nashville. The name comes from an old apartment which brothers Caleb and Will Chapman shared. The band has already made their television debut on Late Night with Seth...

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Interview with Seth Bolt from NEEDTOBREATHE

  On Monday, I talked to Seth Bolt, bass player for NEEDTOBREATHE, about the upcoming tour. They will be making a stop at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre on Thursday with Ben Rector, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, and Colony House.   How has the response to Rivers In The Wasteland been? How have fans and critics reacted to it? Especially since it has more of a religious undertone to it. We’ve been spinning Brother on-air.   I’m probably the most nervous right before we release a record. There was a rawness, a vulnerability to it that we hadn’t explored. At the...

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