Whoever said Rock and Roll is dead is a big fat liar.

The show I witnessed tonight at Green Bar was one of the most memorable. That says a lot for a 19 year old who averages around 50 shows a year.

To start the maximum Rock & Roll experience, was Tuscaloosa’s own The Golden Monica.

They gave the allusion of the 70s with their lead singer wearing vintage sunglasses and having hair like The Jackson 5.

One aspect of their performance I thoroughly enjoyed was the way they moved about and presented themselves.

I also thoroughly enjoyed their cover of Living On Tulsa Time.

Now, onward to Lee Bains…

Energy. Action. Passion. Those are a few of the elements to expect at a Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires show.

The band played over two hours of nonstop Rock and Roll.

Numerous moments and elements of the evening stood out to me.

The story behind the song Dirt Track was told. It was about Bains’ girlfriend’s mom’s boyfriend loving stock car racing, but not NASCAR. When the song was played, Bains went off mic and sang the line “Keep on working, keep it on the dirt track” and the crowd responded by clapping and singing the song at the top of their lungs. That is one moment of this particular show that I will not ever forget.

After that, the band said they were finished for the evening, but the crowd was not having it. The drummer jokingly asked, “Can y’all not just be happy with your number one recruiting class?” when asked for an encore.

There were also various stage antics, such as Bains jumping into the crowd and playing guitar, and the guitar player getting on his shoulders and walking around the venue.

So I will end this with a question. Is Rock & Roll dead?

No. It is not.

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