Ax and the Hatchetmen are an indie-rock group originating from Chicago, where they still perform a majority of their shows. Formed in 2018, the group consists of a total of six members, Alex Eliss, vocalist and guitarist, Sal Defilippis, guitarist, Hunter Olshefke, bassits, Nick Deputy, drummer, Phil Pistone, trumpeter, and Quinn Dolan, on saxophone. March 15th of 2024 saw the group release a new single, “Where tf Did I Park My Car,” a follow-up to the many singles and Eps the band released in the last half of a decade.

The general style of the song follows most of the band’s original sound, a slightly Western vibe with reeling guitar and pushing rhythm from the band’s percussion and bassist. An intense self-awareness of the musicality of the band itself, their lyricism seems to vocalize that, as “My heart is beating like a kickdrum.” If I have only one thing to say (which fortunately I have more), it is certain that Ax and the Hatchetmen have delivered a song that keeps pushing, a sound that while sometimes slightly single-note is still intense and passionate and emotional. Despite that, the song is about the narrator questioning where he parked his car, a subtle irony behind it all. The ending of the song confirms the rhythmic pushing it, as it feels the entire band is having to slam on the brakes to stop themselves from keeping going.


Overall, AatH have delivered a perfect continuation of their sound, adding to their limited discography with yet another single. I hope to see a full album release that isn’t just a Live performance in the future, but for now, Ax and the Hatchetmen have delivered another single to add to your playlist.

Photo Credits from: Ax and the Hatchetmen’s