Indie trio Superkick opens this year with two singles, released as if not no worries. This album is a solid, fast-paced, and exciting indie rock album. Made up of Chicago trio Joey Mirabelli, Michael Vaughn, and Tom Ruby, this dynamic group that emerged in 2018 has started this year by finding a new listener in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The release opens with “The Back of Spencer’s,” a fun yet emotional song. With the dramatic opening of a crowd cheering that throws the listener straight into the action, this song sets its tone perfectly in the first 10 seconds. The drummer here really excels, their energy driving forth the tempo not only in the guitar but also in the vocals. The forward moving momentum drives the listener into the chaotic struggle of the narrative, the uncertainty he’s faced with is paired perfectly with the discordant and unnerving screeching that accompanies the middle of the song. As a college student myself, the lyrics here are something that I believe everyone can relate to, at least to some extent. I love the sound they’ve made in this song, and I really hope you all give it a listen.

“Hotline Bling 2” is disappointing after the strong opener of “The Back of Spencer’s.” That’s not to say this song is bad, it’s a relatively fun vocal part and I really like the chorus of it. Beyond that, the bridge and opening aren’t that strong. The drummer is still one of the highlights here, his momentum particularly in the faster tempo sections really accelerate the song to where it needs to be and every riff he plays keeps that going even when the guitar is less potent and the singer drops out altogether. The lyricism here is arguably stronger than “TBoS,” but I think the rest of the song and the vocal performance struggles slightly in comparison. Either way, Superkick has still delivered with these two singles. Superkick is one of those bands that I so desperately hopes makes it out of the DIY scene, but I might just have to coincide my next visit to Chicago with one of their concerts.

Photo Credits from: Superkick