Since school has started, I keep reminiscing about some of my favorite albums and songs that I listened to during the summer. 

The main album that I listened to was Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). You know that I am a huge Swiftie, so when Swift announced that the album was coming out, I was excited. The album was chance to revisit songs that I love in a new way.  Some of my favorite vault songs off of the album include “Foolish One”, “Castles Crumbling (ft. Hayley Williams)”, and “Electric Touch (ft. fall Out Boy)”. 

“Foolish One” is a fun, upbeat song that focuses on being a hopeless romantic. I absolutely love the way the song makes me feel like spinning in a field of flowers, while wearing a flowy dress. The song has been featured in many TikToks where people have said jokingly that Swift is calling them out. My favorite lyric from the song would be “Foolish one, stop checking your mailbox for confessions love that ain’t never gonna come”.  I think that this such a relatable lesson for those of us who are hopeless romantics. We need to not always put all our hope in one person and realize that our day to find love will come. 

“Castles Crumbling” with Hayley Williams from Paramore has a general message of doing so well in life, until it all crashes down. It is definitely one of the album’s best written vault songs. It’s so good, that I actually was a little bummed that Swift sang it as a surprise song on The Eras Tour. Swift performed it via her piano, and it was such a beautiful rendition of the song. 

“Electric Touch” with Fall Out Boy is absolutely such a banger. It’s one of those songs that can be played at the end credits of a rom-com. The song is full of excitement and will have you nodding your head along.

Honorable mentions to non-vault songs go out to, “Innocent (Taylor’s Version)”, “Last Kiss (Taylor’s Version)”, and “Ours (Taylor’s Version)”. These are songs that I had enjoyed when they originally came out 13 years ago, and I still love them till this day. 

Another album that I enjoyed listening to was The Show by Niall Horan. As a big Directioner, I have always kept up with all of the solo music from each member. Niall has always been my favorite member, aside from Harry Styles, and I absolutely adore his music. If you had to ask me what my top three would be off of Horan’s new album, I would say “If You Leave Me”, “Heaven”, and “Must Be Love”. 

From the first time that I heard “If You Leave Me”, I knew it would be an instant favorite of mine. The song has such a catchy bop, that always has me nodding along to the lyrics. Horan’s falsetto on the lyric “If you ever leave’, hits the sweet spot every single time. I always find myself doing a little dance whenever I listen to this song. 

“Heaven” and “Must Be Love” are these cute and upbeat love songs that make me really happy. If there’s anything that I really love, then it is Niall Horan’s love songs. There is such a sweet quality to his love songs and these two specific songs embody it gracefully.

Although summer break is officially done, the music that I listened will always be accessible. I look forward to what songs next summer break brings us.

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