Adele has emotionally done it again. She’s released her fourth studio album after six long years. I must say this has to be her most personal album yet. She deals with heartbreak from her divorce and learning to explain it to her son. Out of this beautiful album, Adele has us crying and dancing at the same time. This album brings some similarity from her previous works, but also manages to sound different at the same time. 30 is a musical masterpiece that will surely be known as one of the best albums in history.

One of my favorite songs off of the album would definitely have to be “Can I Get It”. According to Adele, this song focuses on wanting a real relationship and not a casual fling. In these modern times, so many of us in our generation would rather settle for something, than wait to find something real with someone who’s good to us. My favorite lyrics in this song would be “I will be the melody, the rhythm, and your rhyme.

All I want is for you to be mine, mine”. They will have you singing and dancing along as you feel the vibe to this ear catching song. Another upbeat and fun song off of 30 would be “Oh My God”. This song has had me grooving along as I hum to the lyrics. Adele’s soulful voice has the ability to cast an enchanting spell on you as you listen to thi song.

Not only does this fantastic album have fun songs, it also has some emotional songs. One of the most emotional songs would have to be “My Little Love”. In this song, Adele focuses on demonstrating to her son that she has a lot of layers and has been hurt. She includes conversations that she had with her song and a voicemail that she left for a friend. The touch of adding those conversations allows for  the emotions in this song to feel so real. Another emotional song that I really love is called “To Be Loved’. With lyrics like “To be loved and love at the highest count, means to lose all the things I can’t live without” and “Let it be known that I tried” are probably my favorites. I love how you can hear the emotion in her voice when she sings those lines. Adele’s voice sounds so beautiful and ethereal as she projects her vulnerability. This song demonstrates her strength as a vocalist. Along with her powerful voice, the accompaniment of the piano tugs at all of our heartstrings. The song ends with an emotional bang by having the stunning songstress sing her heart out acapella. This in my opinion has to be one of the best songs on the entire album. “To Be Loved” is the one song that I recommend everyone to at least listen to once in their life. 
In my opinion, 30 is Adele’s best album to date. It will continue to be one of my personal favorites. Every single song on this album works together to tell the story of a woman hurt by love who is trying to get through to the other side. Adele has never disappointed us and she will continue to be one of my favorite singers. If you haven’t listened to 30, please check it out. I promise you it will be one of the best albums you will ever listen to.

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