Rating: 7.5/10


Although Taylor Swift is well into her 13th year in the industry, her seventh album was still highly anticipated by her millions of fans. “Lover,” certainly lives up to the hype, spanning an impressive 18 songs and offering a noticeable shift in message and style from her 2017 album, “Reputation.” While “Reputation” was known for its hip-hop production and edgier lyrics, “Lover” ends the era of bad girl Taylor, resurrecting a more mature version of the Taylor we knew from her pop album “1989.”


The album delves into a variety of genres, from upbeat electropop to a moodier pop-rock sound. The album’s sultry namesake song “Lover,” brings back memories of Taylor’s younger days, as if the lovestruck “Old Taylor,” has been resurrected. “Paper Rings,” reaffirms this with a snappy, cheerful dedication to her lover. Likewise, “London Boy” is an upbeat love letter to the English. “False God,” is a sensual slow jam, raw with desire and devotion. The album also gets a healthy dose of the more mature and confident “New Taylor,” with catchy and powerful statement songs like “The Man,” and “You Need to Calm Down.”


Overall, not a single song on “Lover” flops. Each has its own unique sound and message, and there are no real subpar “filler” tracks. A few songs on the album, however fall flat in comparison to the top tracks. “It’s Nice To Have A Friend” is a simplistic childlike melody, stripped of the bells and whistles from the rest of the album. This change of pace leaves the song a bit lacking in excitement and grandeur when compared to the other songs on “Lover.” Her country ballad “Soon You’ll Get Better” feat. Dixie Chicks is slow and dreamy, a heart wrenching testament to her mother. However, this song feels out of place in this album, and simply can’t compete with upbeat pop hits like “ME!” feat. Brendon Urie and “You Need to Calm Down.”


The album has been a huge hit since its release on August 23rd, 2019. All 18 songs on “Lover” are currently on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. It’s no surprise, given that the album features big name hit producers such as Joel Little and Louis Bell. The album was engineered to have powerful and resonating beats, smooth and cheerful melodies, and an overall exciting and upbeat tempo. This, countered with Taylor’s clever, catchy, meaningful lyrics, creates a perfect formula for a hit album that will certainly be remembered and played for countless years to come. “Lover,” is a testament to romance, growth, and happiness. In this album, an older and wiser Taylor bares her heart to the listener, still growing and finding herself with the passion for love and life she’s had for thirteen long years.


Top Tracks: “You Need to Calm Down,” “Lover,” “London Boy,” “False God,” “ME!”


Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album is streaming everywhere now.