Les Miles and Mark Richt are two of the most similar coaches in the country and most people do not even realize it. In Richt’s time at Georgia and Miles’ time at LSU the two men have had outstanding careers leading SEC programs to national prominence. Both men have similar numbers in doing it. Since 2005 when Les Miles was hired at LSU he has posted a 111-32 record, while Mark Richt has a 103-40 record overall. Both men have had large amounts of talent, with LSU having Patrick Peterson, Tyran Mathieu, and Odell Beckham Jr. among others, and Georgia having Todd Gurley, AJ Green, and Matthew Stafford. Both coaches have struggled in the biggest games against their rival, with Alabama being the Achilles heal for Miles, and Florida being the Achilles heal for Richt. However as similar as both men’s careers have been, Les Miles is still the head coach at LSU while Mark Richt was fired at Georgia. This can be linked back to two years when the both of these coaches paths intersected: 2007 and 2011. In the year 2007, LSU finished off a 10-2 regular season, and won the SEC West division. Georgia also finished the regular season 10-2 and tied for first in the SEC East division. However they did not play for the SEC Championship because they lost the tiebreaker to Tennessee because of the head to head game between the two schools. Had Georgia been able win the SEC East, they would have a chance to play for the SEC championship and possibly a national championship. At the end of the season, LSU was ranked 2nd in the BCS after winning the SEC Championship, while Georgia was ranked 5th. Georgia went on to win the Sugar Bowl that year, and LSU went on to finish 2nd in the BCS and win the National Championship, the first for Les Miles at LSU. The second year of convergence for the 2 schools was the year 2011. LSU finished their regular season 12-0 and won the SEC West. Georgia finished their regular season 10-2 and won the SEC East. The 2 schools end up meeting in the SEC Championship with LSU going on to win this game by a large margin. Had Georgia been able to win this game they would have gone on to play in a major BCS bowl game. At the end of this season LSU went to the National Championship and lost, while Georgia lost in the Outback bowl. These 2 seasons are the 2 most important seasons when you compare the resumes of Mark Richt and Les Miles. Les Miles has two National Championship appearances with one victory. Mark Richt has no National Championship appearances. These two season can be looked at as the biggest justification for LSU keeping Les Miles and Georgia firing Mark Richt.